Virtual Fashion Fridays with Mollie & Klarna

1 min read

As part of the first Virtual Fashion Friday meet up hosted by Mollie in partnership with Klarna, Your Majesty was invited to talk about our recent opinion piece – State of Digital Fashion.

Since fashion brands are on the fast-track to pivot their businesses and make room for digital solutions, we highlight key insights and takeaways that this industry needs to pay attention to – introducing digital-only fashion as a redemptive alternative.

Watch the full video to learn more about the cultural forces like Animal Crossing that are fueling the demand for a virtual world – a world that is the current state of being as most of our lives move online amidst COVID-19.

We discuss different ways for how the visual signals of fashion hold the attention of the experience economy and how fashion brands can lean into this need for self-expression in a more ‘phygital’ future. From digital sampling that reduces the supply-chain costs and efforts to the first-ever digital-only fashion platform that invites your consumers to co-create their own virtual avatars – we dive into exploring what different digital-only solutions can look like and how brands can take the first step into this world.