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Unlock the world of sneakers

 Sneakers, once a fringe hobby, is now a multi billion dollar industry: one that is constantly evolving and shaping culture. While enthusiastic about what this development can bring about, sneaker fans are perplexed by how little they get to enjoy sneakers' rise to mainstream culture due to bots and resellers.

SoleSavy is a sneaker community that is built for and by sneaker lovers. In providing tools, knowledge and members-only rewards, SoleSavy gives everyone a chance to get the sneakers they deserve. I led the Branding and Experience team at Your Majesty through SoleSavy’s rebrand and marketing website development.


Community-informed strategy

To understand what drives the power of SoleSavy community, I talked to their founders, community managers, as well as long-time and new members, about why they stay engaged in this mostly online group. The common theme? A strong belief in the immense cultural potential of sneakers, even when they're hard to come by.

Instead of keeping prized sneakers to themselves, SoleSavy members freely exchange advice on how to buy them and even wait in line for each other. In supporting each other's passion, SoleSavy members unlock the world of sneakers.


Idenity concept: Progressive Legacy

As SoleSavy grew, it was crucial for the entire community, including both long-time members and newcomers, to feel connected to the new identity.

The concept of Progressive Legacy blends the rich heritage of sneakers with a forward-looking passion.The brand colors are derived—quite literally—from the streets, including the basketball orange, Brooklyn brick red, and vibrant graffiti-inspired shades. The typography adds a touch of modern technology, while still maintaining a friendly flair. The identity is then humanized with the welcoming touch of hand-drawn illustrations.


Site's information architecture 

Together with Nils Mengedoht, I crafted the UX blueprint for the entire website, encompassing the new information architecture, taxonomy, and priority guides of the site. Drawing from an observation fact that numerous sneaker collectors at SoleSavy are also enthusiasts of baseball cards, the site's interaction framework replicates the experience of flipping through a deck of cards, facilitating navigation through SoleSavy's key features and site information.

Furthermore, the website's design integrates micro-animations and bold layouts extensively, capturing the vibrant essence of sneaker culture in a delightful manner.