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The Fabricant
Digital Fashion Platform

 In an era where digital has assumed various forms and meanings in our lives, it has become an essential element in the realm of fashion. As younger consumer cohorts define modern culture, their evolving expectations for fashion are gaining prominence.

Today's fashion must offer people new avenues to express their ever-changing identities while also adhering to environmental consciousness. Built upon this paradigm shift, LEELA,  a digital fashion platform, was conceived in collaboration with The Fabricant and the Your Majesty team. 


Building a proof of concept

In 2019, as the concept of digital fashion was still in its infancy, we recognized the necessity of creating a pilot experience to gauge audience interest in digital fashion and to understand the types of interactions that are valuable to consumers in this emerging domain.

Leela was conceptualized as a web application, prioritizing speed over supreme fidelity and ensuring cross-device compatibility. Additionally, our assumption was that a web-based experience would reduce the download barrier. This approach also afforded us the opportunity to conduct rapid usability tests to gather insights during the pilot phase.


A beta that signals PMF

After multiple iterations, the beta version of Leela enables users to create a digital version of themselves using a simple selfie, enabled by the technologies developed by the Didimo team.

Once their avatars are created, users can browse through the Fluid collection of The Fabricant and curate their digital look. The final look can then be shared via their social media platforms. 

The LEELA Beta was launched in April 2020 and greeted with high engagement from young users and recognitions from the fashion industry and world-leading publications.

Most importantly, we were able to carry out consumer interviews and tests to validate the market needs for digital self-expression and gain an understanding of expected pricing for digital garments.


Early results

  • From idea to the first MVP in ten weeks
  • 600+ digital avatars created within the first three days
  • 1800+ digital looks created and shared on social media within three days of launch
  • Average session duration at 3:30 minutes
  • 27% bounce rate
  • World-wide media coverage
  • CSS Awards for UI Design, UX Design and Innovation
  • Awarded FWA Of The Day
  • Awarded Awwwards Mobile Excellence