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Worlds of you

 As the lines between our digital and real lives increasingly converge, there emerges a significant opportunity for fashion and freedom of expression in the metaverse. In 2021, Singaporean-based tech company ALTAVA approached us to lead the launch and drive the growth of its emerging business. I headed the team at Your Majesty, guiding the rebranding of the business as ALTAVA GROUP, and developing the brand identity and launch strategy for its mobile styling game, ALTAVA.


ALTAVA Group’s value proposition includes avatar creation, product digitisation and NFT formation.

Game's brand strategy

Our research uncovered an aspect not commonly associated with gaming. More than merely serving as a distraction, games offer a safe space where individuals can explore and express their true selves, and envision who they aspire to become. Adopting the strategic positioning 'Worlds of You' we encourage users to discover, curate, and play — not only with their style but also more broadly with their identity.


Going to market in SEA

In preparation for ALTAVA's launch in Southeast Asia (SEA), we conducted a market-specific survey that identified four primary barriers to entry for consumers. To address these, we recommended the following marketing communication pillars:

the access ALTAVA provides to the fashion world.

ALTAVA's credibility in fashion.

ALTAVA's influence in the social sphere.

the ease of engagement with ALTAVA's enhanced reality.


Launching with Balmain @ MET Gala

ALTAVA debuted in the digital heartland with a new app and brand. Additionally, we worked with ALTAVA GROUP to launch its online shop: ALTAVA Market.

There, visitors can participate in the future of commerce with the opportunity to buy, trade and re-sell fashion-forward NFTs like the Balmain X Barbie and the Balmain x Dogpound collection. These pieces can move freely between virtual worlds with interoperable technology, including ALTAVA



“You can learn quite a lot about Viet's informed and thoughtful views on culture, societies, economics and commerce from his writing. This piece is a great example: "The Humorous, Absurd, Plural, and Defiant Story of Gen Z". But having the privilege of working with Viet on a client brand engagement is something else entirely. It is an experience of moving at speed through a highly evolved, multi-perspective thought process, where the most relevant intellectual, creative and strategic input was provided at exactly the right time and place. That is a truly unique skill.”

Debra Langley
Partner, Lyra Ventures