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Los Angeles Lakers
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 In 2019, the Los Angeles Lakers sought to strengthen their fans' connection with the team by revamping their digital ecosystem. I led the research, brand strategy, UX strategy, and content strategy for the creation of a brand-new Lakers.com.


Serious about the game.
Crazy about basketball

Through user interviews and desk research, we discovered that basketball fans today are serious about the game while also being equally passionate about the basketball lifestyle beyond the court, which encompasses fashion, music, and art.

Informed by this insight, I worked with Sheldon Lotter, who was the Creative Director at Your Majesty at the time, to formulate the website strategy with a simple statement: "Serious About The Game, Crazy About Basketball." The design strategy blends game data with the lifestyle surrounding it to provide a culturally relevant experience that is energetic and enriched for fans.


I collaborated with the Lakers' VP of Marketing to develop the franchise's brand-driven digital transformation roadmap.


A new sitemap that streamlines legacy clutter, creating room for seamless storytelling and dynamic experiences.

Awakening a sleeping giant

Despite basketball's defining influence in the zeitgeist, its digital experience often falls short. At the time, many basketball websites were primarily focused on delivering news, rather than telling stories, and sported a 'news anchor' aesthetic.

To mirror the Lakers' cultural impact in the digital realm, we placed a premium on contextual storytelling. We also developed a vibrant visual language, incorporating community-focused UI elements like 'firing animation' and 'flaming hot label,' alongside engaging UX copy throughout the site.


Content hub strategy

I collaborated with the Lakers' Head of Social to develop their content hub's strategy, particularly for the Lake Show. By transforming the often-neglected Lakers Community into one of the brand's pillars, we significantly increased local affinity for the brand. With five content pillars clearly defined, the Lake Show has become a scalable content hub that informs the future content roadmap for the Lakers’ in-house creative team.


From traditional newsroom to cultural content hub that increases content discovery and user retention.


Site monetization strategy

Furthermore, I conducted an audit of the Lakers' existing advertising approach and sponsorship placement. The results of this assessment informed the strategic placement of ads on the site, as well as identified new revenue sources through monetizable spaces, native ads, and sponsored series.



Six months after its launch, the new Lakers.com achieved an impressive NPS score of 48 out of 50. The roster page and team bios experienced a 26% increase in page engagement. Additionally, the video completion rate soared by 58%, the overall site loading speed improved by 23%, and the bounce rate decreased by 10%.