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Revitalize a Dutch interior icon 

Founded in 1968, POLSPOTTEN is a Dutch interior brand renowned for its combination of unconventional design with traditional techniques. As the company grows and faces fierce competition from abroad and upstart D2C brands, it is imperative for POLSPOTTEN to rebrand and reignite the vibrancy that made it an 80s darling. From strategy to delivery, I led the team at Your Majesty through the brand transformation of POLSPOTTEN.

From research to positioning  

Through a series of workshops and more than 20 interviews with stakeholders and customers, I discovered POLSPOTTEN's essence: their commitment to having fun with their designs. In an industry where data-led optimization precedes intuition, POLSPOTTEN has the opportunity to stand for a defiance of expectations and overplayed expressions, positioning itself as a brand that spices up interiors and adds play to space.


Mixing, matching, creating

With ‘Play’ at the core, the new visual identity introduces a design system that reflects the idea of mixing and matching basic shapes as well as vibrant colors into branded assets.  

From 11 basic shapes and a wide range of colors, POLSPOTTEN teams can create an infinite amount of ‘Fused Shapes.’ These combined shapes can then be used as non-photographic assets for various touch-points such as Instagram posts, profiles, posters, and site animations.


Moderninizing an iconic mark

The old logo for Pols' Potten consisted of two words, "Pols' Potten," which originated from the time when the business started selling pots out of Erik Pols' car.

As the company grew and became an international player with a wider product range, it was time for Pols' Potten to evolve and create a new, stand-alone iconic name. The new logo, POLSPOTTEN, is a one-word logo that takes inspiration from the previous stencil-based design while refining its thickness to improve legibility and create a sense of elegance.


Salesforce eCommerce

Alongside the identity design, I developed the UX strategy for POLSPOTTEN's eCommerce and produced wireframes that balance conversion and brand expression. Your Majesty then designed and launched POLSPOTTEN's new website, powered by Salesforce Commerce Cloud.