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Next Voice by ASA
Your voice is next

Today's socially aware youth often feel unheard amid the overwhelming information landscape. In collaboration with American Student Assistance® (ASA), alongside Creative Agency Devito/Verdi and Data Firm Alliants, I led the team at Your Majesty in developing Next Voice's brand identity and product.

Co-created with 60+ teen advisors nationwide and validated by thousands, Next Voice is an online tool empowering US teens to understand diverse perspectives, learn how to engage, and access tools for active social advocacy. These main objectives constitute the product’s three main experience pillars: Explore, Engage, Act.


An identity that pairs "voice" with "voices"

From research, we learned that most teens initiate their advocacy journey through personal experiences that impact them. Simultaneously, they become effective advocates by understanding the systemic conditions behind social issues. Next Voice's identity and product concept are built on this dual foundation.

Next Voice's visual identity is vibrant, with statement-like typography capturing the platform's essence. The custom font allows diverse yet cohesive expression. The illustrations approach serious social issues with optimism, while data styling adopts a more abstract representation. Dynamic dots convey movement and expression on hot topics.

Explore voices of change

Embracing the duality of advocacy, Next Voice's product experience revolves around users toggling between micro (Voices) and macro (Data) exploration modes.

The Explore section empowers teens to discover what others their age are saying about issues such as climate change, life after high school, mental health, racial justice, LGBTQIA+ rights, and gender equality.

Fueled  with real-time social data, "Explore" offers users a parallel experience: one where they can view qualitative content from their peers and another where they can discover how those voices fit within the macro quantitative view of discussions around key social issues. This data is further dimensionalized through sentiment, emotion, keyword, and geographical analysis to enhance user understanding.

Engage with skills for change

The Engage section equips teens with knowledge and skills to become better advocates. Through conversations with teens and close collaboration with subject matter experts, this section offers users a series of interactive learning experiences that make learning both enjoyable and actionable.

At its core, the entire section experience is constructed by 7 interactive modules that can be mixed and matched to create the appropriate learning experience.


Act with tools for change

With interactive decision trees in place, teens can quickly find tailored recommendations on how to get started with advocacy. Centralizing key advocacy templates for writing petitions, letters, op-eds, along with speaking tips, The Act section works as a launchpad for teen-initiated change.