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Banking the unbanked

As of 2023, approximately 1.7 billion people remain unbanked, making up about one-fourth of the global population. Azteco's bitcoin vouchers offer a simple solution, enabling everyone to access bitcoin without the traditional obstacles of limited phone processing power, restricted data bandwidth, or the complexities of account creation.

I led the team at Your Majesty to evolve Azteco's brand identity, messaging, content, and digital products, thereby enhancing their presence in Latin America and South Africa.

From bitcoin to every ‘bit’ of life

In much of Western society, bitcoin is often regarded solely as a means of accumulating wealth and seen as an unstable investment. However, our interviews with individuals and communities in Southeast Asia, Central America, Latin America, and Africa reveal a different narrative.

Whether in produce stores on Costa Rican farms, surfing schools in South Africa, or NGOs in Brazil, communities worldwide are embracing bitcoin as an alternative to traditional economies. In these places, bitcoin is saved, sent, or spent in modest amounts because its purpose is to facilitate everyday life.

Azteco bitcoin vouchers, which start as low as $5, are created with the principles of accessibility and ease. This approach relates to how bitcoin is used in many non-Western populations, where it serves a practical role in daily activities, truly embodying the idea of "Bitcoin for every bit of life."


Mobile-first, conversational experience

The Azteco digital product mirrors a text messaging interface, where Azteco acts as a facilitator, prioritizing user choice. This design choice is informed by the widespread use of SMS interfaces for everyday transactions such as saving, sending, and spending, especially in Latin America and Africa.

Additionally, a key principle of the website is its unwavering commitment to a mobile-first experience. This approach gives priority to devices with lower computing power and caters to users in areas with limited data bandwidth. By doing so, it ensures accessibility and ease of use for a wider audience.


A new narrative for bitcoin

Bitcoin is a category laden with prejudice, misuse, and, consequently, misunderstanding. To reorient conversations around bitcoin, it is crucial for the Azteco website to serve as a story hub, narrating real stories about how bitcoin is used daily in the context of saving, sending, and spending.

Through a social crowdsourcing campaign, we created a series bitcoin stories that illustrate how it enhances life worldwide, revealing the humanity behind this often misunderstood world. This campaign is ongoing, and the story hub is regularly updated with new submissions from Azteco users.


The bits that count

Three months after the launch of the new brand, Azteco achieved a sales record, marking a historic milestone for the business. The tagline "For every bit of life" was recognized as a resonant positioning strategy, assisting Azteco in onboarding new partners worldwide. The visual identity and its scalable framework effectively paved the way for Azteco's expansion through campaigns, events, talks, and panels across Latin America (LATAM) and South Africa.