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Where commerce is built for passion

Whether you are a teenager saving up for your “Air Jordan 6 Kids Retro” or an executive who never stopped collecting “Topps Chrome” baseball cards, your passion fuels culture, and it matters. Yet, in a world where cultural products become an asset class and commerce technology is plagued with bots and bad actors, fans often don't stand a fair chance of getting their desired products.

EQL, pronounced as "equal," is an eCommerce platform that powers the launch of the world's most in-demand products for brands like Nike, Tiffany's, or Crocs. By combining chaos-proof technology, fan data analysis, and cultural advisory, EQL gets in-demand products into the hands of fans, equipping brands to power culture with commerce and cultivate lifelong fandom.

Being a high-growth nascent industry that straddles the line between being a B2B and B2C brand, EQL needed clarity in how to position and express themselves. Your Majesty partnered with EQL in developing their brand and communication strategy, creating their visual identity, and rolling out the brand across on-and offline touch-points.

From hype-centric to passion-fueled

EQL was once called SNEAKQL, focused on hosting high-heat launches for the world’s most innovative sneaker brands and boutiques. “Hype” was, therefore, a natural association. As the brand extends their client portfolio to other categories like collectibles, apparel, art, cars, and more, the notion of “hype” became inapt.

Interviews with fans, brands, and EQL’s own employees reveal the fleeting and “manufactured” nature of “hype,” pointing towards a deeper connector between all of them: “passion.” Brands are passionate about their fans, fans are passionate about the products that connect them with culture, and EQL is passionate about bridging brands and fans. “Passion” then became the EQL’s brand platform, conveying their dedication to culture, precision in technology; positioning them as a place, where commerce is (finally) built for passion.

A fan-first identity

Deeply rooted in passion, the new visual identity is a vivid reflection of the energy found in EQL products, brands, and most importantly, fans. Our approach centers around a label-centric design, a strategic choice that effectively communicates both our cultural relevance and technical expertise.

This design blends delight with determination, embodying a playful yet purposeful character. It's crafted to be confidently approachable, aligning perfectly with EQL’s fan-first philosophy: entertaining, joyous, confident, and communal. The system is designed for scalability, ensuring that while EQL elevates the distinctiveness of others brands, its essence remains prominent and unaltered.


Continuous collaboration

After developing the EQL brand strategy and identity, Your Majesty and EQL embarked on an ongoing relationship where our team continues to provide brand and marketing consultancy, as well as creative production services. We have collaborated with EQL to roll out the brand across numerous touchpoints. This includes everything from in-store activation cards and winning collaterals to their website and lead-generation strategy.