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Samsung SmartThings
Add a little smartness to your things

When SmartThings evolved from a successful Kickstarter campaign to a Samsung subsidiary, rapid scaling became essential. To support this expansion, Your Majesty was engaged to work alongside the global brand and marketing teams. I led the strategic development and implementation of SmartThings' omni-channel experience, as well as its brand and product strategy. This initiative included overhauling the brand identity, website, and interactive retail kiosks. These strategic changes had a profound business impact, resulting in a 104% increase in sales and a 21% boost in shop conversion rates


Bringing IoT to the mass

While SmartThings and the concept of IoT were well-known to developers and gadget enthusiasts in 2014, they were not as familiar to the general public.

To assist SmartThings in its evolution from a humble garage in Mountain View, CA, we refined their brand direction. Our strategy aimed to blend smart innovation with a touch of daily playfulness, encapsulated in the brand positioning: "Add a little smartness to your things."

As part of this refresh, we infused more warmth into the original SmartThings Tech Blue, introducing to the new SmartThings Purple. This rebranding was further supported by an ever-growing library of illustrative characters and smart home scenarios, making the SmartThings brand more approachable and human-centric. While retaining its technical core, the brand has adopted a subtler and more whimsical presentation.


Leading a full-service acount

Following the brand identity redesign, I oversee the strategy, design, and technology production of the SmartThings account over five years, rolling out a series of brand and marketing programs, including:

  • Packaging redesign
  • Omnichannel content
  • Website and ecommerce
  • Retail interactive experiences
  • Retail merchandising
  • Online merchandising
  • Digital banners
  • Marketing collateral
  • Channel and sales toolkits
  • Retail sales training materials

A scalable illustrative language

SmartThings, an open platform, supports a broad range of devices from various brands. Facing an expanding partner catalog, we needed a communication system that was both quick and adaptable.

To further establish SmartThings' new, friendlier tone, we opted for a world of simplistic, quirky illustrations. These characters can be used repeatedly across all communications, aligning with the brand’s approachable ethos

In retail stores across US & UK, SmartThings users can interact with a digital kiosk to learn more about SmartThings' uses. 


Retail interactive kiosk 

With IoT still in its early stages, our objective was to communicate with average homeowners and educate them that a smart home involves more than just controlling lights with a smartphone. For the retail aspect, our team went through multiple iterations of prototyping and user testing. The goal was to design an interactive retail fixture that not only draws attention but also educates customers on how to get started with smart home technology.


The retail fixtures concept which was rolled out in 2,000 stores in the US and the UK, including BestBuy, Home Depot, John Lewis and Dixon’s.


For the redesign of smartthings.com, we began with examining data and performed user testing to inform the direction we wanted to take. The result was an uncluttered online platform that guides, educates, and delights its visitors about the value proposition and SmartThings ecosystem.